Pasta and wine for 4 euros in Rome?

Say whaaaat? Is that even possible? Can I get some pasta and a glass of wine for just 4 euros?

Pasta for 4 euros!

Translation of the photo

Lunch and dinner – one portion dish
Including: 1 plate, 1 fork, 1 napkin, 1 glass, water.
For only who deserves we offer a drop of wine

The place is called Pastificio Guerra. Keep in mind that pastificio is also the name that Italians use to refer to every type of place that manufactures pasta. It’s, basically, a pasta factory.

In this particular Pastificio, it is exactly the case. They sell pasta so you can take to cook at home. But they also have large trays full of the same delicious pasta, ready for you to try!

The place

Don’t expect anything fancy, don’t even expect chairs… But, hey, for 4 euros this is the closest to heaven that you will be in Rome. You select the pasta of your choice, they will serve it on a plastic plate and give you a plastic fork. If you are eating there, you can have wine – in a plastic glass or you can help yourself with the bottles of water that you can find on the table. Not very eco-friendly, but the taste has no comparison. And the price… unbelievable.

It’s always very busy. Be prepared for the queue and be patient to find a spot to eat. The place doesn’t have tables or chairs so we have to eat standing there. If you prefer, you can ask to take away (da portare via in Italian) but you won’t get the wine.

There are just a few options of pasta (easier to choose) and there are different options every day. You’ll never know what you might get, but surely it’ll be amazing.

The place is very small but the service is quite fast and the man in the cashier is very nice. The Pastificio Guerra is very frequented by Italians that work in that region and by many tourists that fight for a plate and a spot.


If you are tired and stressed out, maybe it isn’t the best option. It can influence your mood.

If you aren’t in a hurry, isn’t moody and can’t miss the opportunity to eat well, it’s definitely worthwhile!

My visit


Pastificio: delicious Amatriciana

My choice this time was Amatriciana, that is, pasta with a sauce made of tomato, guanciale (like bacon), olive oil, white wine, black pepper and pecorino cheese.

The Pastificio serves lunch and dinner, so you can stop there before of after your walks around Rome. Eat the pasta and reserve space for dessert, because, on the exact same street, there’s Pompi: the palace of tiramisu.

Opening hours

Every day from 10h to 21h

Where is it? How to get there?

Via della Croce, 8
If you are at the Spanish Steps, it’s less than one-minute walking!

Do you know more cheap places to eat? Please let me know on the comments below!

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